Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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As my Humanities 2001 class comes to an end I have one final exam to prepare for, the Interdisciplinary Essay. I just took the Lit. Final in my class and thought I did very well in certain areas like, identifying quotes and answering the reading questions. The two sections of the test that I struggled with the most were both about the period concepts. I knew what most of the concepts meant, however the hard part was remembering which period or culture to label them as.

Last semester the concepts were a lot easier to distinguish between because they were all so different from one another, but this semester the periods and cultures basically create one big period except for Islam of course. Also I felt like last semester the concepts were mentioned and explained a lot more in each portion of the literature, music, and art. This semester I felt like the different subject areas did not complete the whole puzzle for me, but it could be that the periods were a lot similar. The concepts were also hard to distinguish because sometimes concepts would begin to appear at the end of one period, but not fully be present until the next time period. A lot of the periods also had many concepts in common and it was not easy to remember which ones they did not have in common. Another thing a girl in my class mentioned, which I believe also to be true, is that each concept had at least a paragraph of an explanation making it harder to figure out which part to focus in on and then only a portion of the explanation actually made it onto the exam. I know we are not suppose to memorize the material, but actually understand it, however it might be more helpful if there was more guidance what to pull out of the explanations.

The Lit. Final helped me to see that I know my Literature, but that I definitely need to carefully review the different concepts so that I can excel on the essay. This course also helped me to prepare for Humanities 2002 where the whole course is just like the second semester of Humanities 2001.

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