Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Face Behind The Mosque

            On my visit to the local Mosque, where people of Islamic beliefs gather to worship, I found the appearance of the building to be less extravagant than I had expected. I pictured it to be a more glorious building rather than just one story. While making my way in the Mosque I knew I was going to have to remove my shoes to respect their customs. After placing my shoes in a little cubby I made my way down into what seemed to be a small ‘‘homey“ room. There were book shelves and windows with drapes and a small little stage at which the speakers sat at. Like the Hindu Temple there were different scriptures from the Quran along the walls. As I analyzed the room I noticed three sets of stairs to the right of the entrance. These stairs led to the actual worship center.
             After analyzing the room, the speaker began his presentation. One of the speakers was dressed in an all white outfit with a little white hat to top it off. The other speaker never stood up, but seemed to be dressed normally. During the presentation of the slides they had prepared I noticed one of the most important concepts of Islams is to bring peace among one another. When a slide mentioned a prophet’s name there would be the phrase, ‘‘May there be peace upon him/them“. This was stressed even more when the speaker would actually say the name’s of the prophets and right after say, ‘‘May peace be upon him.“
            Another fact that I found interesting about the Islam religion is that only 18% of actual Muslims practice the Islamic religion. This means that the other percent is non-Muslim and that anyone can be Islamic. It was also interesting to find out that it is not just the females that are instructed to cover up, but also the males typically make sure to cover up any unecessary skin.

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