Sunday, October 3, 2010

Humanities 2001 Lit. Midterm

In my Humanities 2001 class I recently took my Lit. Midterm. I struggled with the very first part of the test which had us match up the different period concepts with the difinition. I have trouble moving on to different sections of the tests when I don’t know an answer to a question so I was on this section for probably 20 minutes of the hour we were given. I realized after reading the different definitions that I had actually memorized and not learn the concepts. Some of the definitions were a little different and close to the other definitions and so I got confused in choosing the right answers.
            The next section was probabl the second toughest, it was labeling the different period concepts with the right time period or culture. Some of the cultures and periods were easy to spot because they are so different from the others like Hinduism and Judaism. However, Archaic Greece, Classical Greece, and Rome were a little difficult to distinguish. I think I did ok on the section and it was a good challenge.
            The 3rd section had me identifying the quotes from the different literature pieces. Even if I only knew the stories I would have been able to identify the quotes. The quotes chosen were a part of the stories so the only way I could have bombed that part was if I didn’t 1) read the story or 2) paid attention in class. I did both and so all I had to know for the test were the different works and the author of those works.
            The last part of the test was multiple choice which always makes things easier. The questions were the same questions from our reading questions when we were instructed to read the different works. After reading the works the questions were sometimes hard to answer, but we had answers available to study from before the midterm making that part of the test a cinch. Except for the last question when I couldn’t figure out which shield I was suppose to be describing, but my awesome professor simply reread the question to me helping me to understand.

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