Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church

On my visit to the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, I had expected to see a quaint little church since my previous visits to various other worship centers that were less extravagant than I had imagined. However, this place of worship exceeded my expectations and once I opened the door my eyes could not fixate on just one thing. I saw statues of Jesus on a cross; beautiful stained glass painted windows, and arches that reached high up into the air. This visit helped me connect with the architecture that I had previously learned about and about the meanings of the most detailed parts of the church.
First thing that I immediately remembered learning about was the extremely tall arches that were higher than any one story building I’ve been in. These arches I’ve learned are the connection of those worshipping, to heaven. Hence, the fact that they seem so tall they are reaching heaven. The next thing I noticed was the gold that seemed to be on every detail of the building. Before the shiny gold was just luster, but now it is considered something greater. The stained glass windows were so captivating that I found myself trying to figure out the scenes of each one. In the one I was standing by, was Jesus and many men crowding around him. At the bottom was written “In Memory of Edward Collins”. The speaker had mentioned what it meant, however, although I could hear the speaker but I think it was because of the echoes or maybe where I was sitting that I had trouble understanding what he was saying.
Unfortunately I had to leave during the question and answer portion which would not have mattered much since I could not understand the speaker. However, from the time I walked in and was able to glance at the literally marvelous building I was in I was able to identify with practically everything I learned about the art and architecture of that time period.


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